Volume Rendering:


Surface Rendering:



I made some progress with rendering techniques, but mainly for surface rendering.

As you can see, the surface is finally rendered with Phong shading =)

You can find some more details concerning the future API on GLPlot.jl.

I’m getting closer to fully integrate React.jl, which makes some code a lot nicer, but there are also some parts which got more messy.

I hope that’s due to the fact, that I’m not fully used to “reactive thinking” yet.

Shashi is being very helpful and I’m positive, that integrating React.jl will make it a lot easier to interact with all the plotting parameters.


Furthermore, I cleaned up a few bugs and integrated an OpenGL debug callback. But debugging with OpenGL differs a little from graphic card to graphic card, so I still need to figure out a few things there.

I started looking into a custom framebuffer pipeline, which will hopefully enable me to do pretty cool things.

Rendering to off-screen buffers will help me with:

  • very general and fast 3D selection
  • better volume rendering with fast intersection rendering
  • a more fine grained control over re-rendering just parts of the display
  • saving plots as an image to the hdd

Saving images works quite nicely and I already set up a little demo with qjulia: