First progress

by simondanisch





Camera is working quite alright now, though still far from pleasant.

If your graphic card has shader model >= 130 you can even try out the example.

Its in

If you don’t have my unregistered packages, there is packages.jl which you can execute to get all the needed packages.

Then go to GLPlot/src/ and execute gridshader.jl

Known bugs:

  • GLFW doesn’t build under osx, you’ve to get the binaries with for example home brew
  • Unix just works if you have cmake, libglu1-mesa-dev, xorg-dev installed
  • Shader don’t compile when you don’t have the right shader model (relatively easy to fix)
  • Camera flips at certain angles (quite easy to fix as well)
  • No lighting, as I still haven’t started to calculate the normals in a generic and future proof way.

Feel free to report bugs on Github.